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5 Actions to Take Following an Auto Accident

Posted on October 21, 2015 in

After a traffic accident, doing these things can help you protect a future claim, a Lakewood personal injury lawyer explains.

Getting into an auto wreck is not on most people’s agendas. Given, however, that the average driver will be in at least four traffic crashes over the course of a lifetime, understanding what to do following a crash can be essential to:

  • Remaining calm and keeping a clear head
  • Taking the right steps to protect yourself and preserve a future auto accident claim.

So, to help you brush up on the essential things to do following a car crash, below are the simple steps to take if or when an traffic accident happens.

Important Things to Do after a Traffic Crash

  1. Call the cops to report the crash – This will ensure that an official police report for the accident is created. This report can include important details about the accident, the involved parties and any possible witnesses. It may even shed some light on the nature of the negligence involved in causing the wreck. So, don’t skip this step if you can do it.
  2. Get medical treatment – This is a must, even if you don’t feel that badly hurt after the crash. A doctor can evaluate the extent of your injuries (possibly even some you were not aware of).

    (S)he can also see to it that you start getting the treatments you need ASAP and that a doctor’s report regarding the accident-related injuries is created. This can help establish the degree of harm you suffered from the crash later, so don’t put off seeing a doctor.

  3. Gather important info and evidence at the scene – If possible, try to collect as much potential evidence from the scene as you can. This can include (but may not be limited to) the names and contact info for other involved motorists; the same for any witnesses; photos of the damage to your vehicle/other involved vehicles or fixed objects; photos of the location of the accident/the weather conditions; etc.

    All of these things can be important later to backing up your version of the incident. And, if you have called the cops and are not rushed off to get emergency treatment, you’ll probably have some time at the scene to gather at least part of this evidence/info.

  4. Contact your insurance provider to report the crash – Try to do this as soon as you can following the wreck because some auto policies have very strict time limits for making these reports.
  5. Consult with a lawyer – Take this one step if you are not able to do anything else following a traffic accident. The reason that meeting with a lawyer is so important is that it can provide you with some important insight regarding your rights and case, as well as your options for financial recovery and how to proceed.

    What’s more is that meeting with a lawyer is typically free and won’t obligate you to do anything. So there’s nothing to lose – and possibly a lot to gain – by taking this step after a car crash.

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