Distracted Drivers Can Cause Serious Accidents

Colorado law makes the person at fault for a car, truck, motorcycle or another motor vehicle accident financially responsible for damages incurred by others. For an injured person, this can mean payment for medical bills, lost wages, property damage and also some "noneconomic" damages, depending on a range of circumstances. Several legal challenges must be overcome to actually collect these damages after an auto wreck — even if you know or strongly believe another driver's distracted, careless or inattentive driving caused the accident.

It's All In The Details

James L. Finegan is a proven lawyer who takes a diligent approach that includes:

  • Listening carefully to all you remember about the accident and asking the right questions to uncover factors relevant in your claim
  • Aggressively following through on any suspicion that inattentive or careless driving caused the auto crash — including acquiring police reports and subpoenaing cellphone records when needed
  • Investigating careless driver accidents and other crashes thoroughly as soon as possible
  • Documenting and tracking your medical condition in order to help you obtain just, fair compensation based on the full impact on your life

Personal Attention And Determination

Attorney James L. Finegan has been a trusted, effective resource for people in the Denver metro and across Colorado for decades. His experience extends to trucking accidents caused by many different forms of recklessness, crashes caused by teens and other inexperienced drivers, and more.

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