Assisting Those Injured In Fires

Burn injuries can occur in many ways. Over the course of a 30-year career in Colorado law, Attorney James L. Finegan has represented many victims of serious car accidents, fires and explosions, and even acts of simple negligence by children. He is intently committed to seeking fair, just compensation for burn victims and for family members after a wrongful death.

Attorney James L. Finegan Knows Every Side

Many burn injury cases arise from criminal acts, and Attorney Finegan has extensive experience in criminal law. All advocacy for injury victims calls for basic medical knowledge — and you can turn to Mr. Finegan for informed counsel and connections to quality, authoritative medical resources.

James Finegan is prepared to investigate what happened and help you recover the full, fair compensation you deserve for burns or other injuries after an event such as:

  • A home or apartment fire
  • A car accident or another motor vehicle accident
  • A work explosion or chemical accident
  • An intentional act or negligence that causes a harmful fire, explosion or burns injury to someone else

Responsive And Comprehensive Counsel

Burn injury victims can receive a free initial consultation from Attorney James L. Finegan — and no financial risk is ever involved. If Mr. Finegan represents you, he will charge no attorney fees until you receive a settlement. If you cannot travel, he will come to you to talk through your needs and legal options.

The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.   Contact Mr. Finegan today or call 303-586-2961 or toll-free at 877-834-4609.