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Driver Fatigue

In a tough economic climate, stresses on people who are working hard to make a living intensify — and driving is no exception. Many must deal with extremely long commutes on increasingly crowded Colorado roadways in addition to longer working hours and more overall anxiety in their lives.

Unfortunately, these conditions contribute to serious car accidents throughout the Denver metro area and across the state. While “driver fatigue” may be raised as an issue most often with over-the-road truck drivers, it is also a very relevant factor for other drivers.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident you believe someone else caused or should have avoided, contact James L. Finegan now for a free consultation. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Prove Who Was At Fault

After any type of car accident, insurance companies and at-fault parties often attempt to obscure or deny what happened in order to protect their own interests. When driver fatigue is involved in a trucking accident, this effort can be especially organized and challenging to overcome.

Attorney James L. Finegan works with expert resources as needed and can apply more than 30 years of experience to establish your right to recover compensation after accidents related to:

  • Loss of control by a driver who fell asleep or failed to focus on the road
  • Road rage that often leads to aggressive or reckless driving
  • Texting or other behaviors that constitute distracted driving
  • Truckers’ and trucking companies’ violations of regulations limiting time on the road

We Know How To Help

Leveraging decades of work in high-stakes insurance negotiations and the state and federal courts of Colorado, Attorney Finegan knows what to look for and how to build the best possible case for you. You will receive personal attention from a lawyer who will take your claim seriously, care about your well-being and offer straightforward legal guidance.

Whether you believe the auto accident, motorcycle accident or another roadway crash that has changed your life was related to driver fatigue, distraction or other factors, you can call Mr. Finegan to discuss your case with confidence by dialing(303) 980-5511. He is prepared to investigate what happened and execute a legal strategy focused on your future well-being.