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Failure to Stop

Many Colorado car accidents are caused when a negligent driver fails to come to a proper stop at a posted stop sign or red light. If you were injured in an accident at an intersection in the Denver area or another community in the Front Range region, call attorney James L. Finegan at (303) 980-5511.

Mr. Finegan offers people injured in car accidents skilled legal representation; he is ready to prove what happened, establish fault and help victims collect fair, full compensation for their medical costs and other damages.

Attorney James Finegan provides attentive and effective legal counsel for injury victims and wrongful death survivors, leveraging decades of car accident litigation experience and a track record that commands respect.

Skill And Compassion Come Together

Clients can depend on Attorney James L. Finegan for:

  • Fast action after a car or another vehicle accident to gather critical evidence from the scene, witness testimony and other information
  • Investigation of potential at-fault driver defenses, including the presence of a malfunctioning traffic signal, obstructed stop sign or other unsafe conditions
  • Diligence in reviewing police reports and establishing whether a traffic violation such as failure to stop was not recognized and cited by authorities
  • Personal attention to your medical treatment and costs every step of the way in your quest for a fair settlement or verdict at trial if necessary

Mr. Finegan has extensive experience fighting on behalf of victims of negligent drivers throughout the Colorado Front Range region. Call him if your motor vehicle accident was caused by any of these acts of negligence by another driver:

Red Lights And Stop Signs Save Lives

Traffic signals are put in place for a reason. They are necessary for public safety. Clearly, if you were in an accident after another driver ignored a red light or ran through a stop sign, you know this all too well. Attorney James L. Finegan is committed to pursuing every angle of your case, so call(303) 980-5511 or use the online form to set up a free initial consultation with him today. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.