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Head-On Collisions

At highway speed, or when a truck or another large vehicle is involved, very few people escape a head-on collision without serious injury. Even at lower speeds on urban or suburban streets, the damage can be catastrophic. If you or a family member has been involved in such a serious auto crash, you may be coping with tremendous grief and a lengthy physical recovery.

Having proven legal counsel on your side may be critical for your future. To talk free of charge with a compassionate, experienced and tenacious Lakewood head-on collision lawyer, request a free case evaluation. Attorney James L. Finegan can meet you at your home or hospital if travel is difficult or impossible for you. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Investigating The Truth

Thorough accident investigation can be absolutely essential to protecting your rights after a head-on collision, and Attorney James L. Finegan is dedicated to doing everything possible to determine fault and liability.

He has recovered just compensation for clients in many cases when the fault was disputed or extensive vehicle damage made reconstructing the crash extremely challenging. The probe must include considerations such as:

  • Were unsafe highway or road conditions — such as lines dividing lanes that were not visible, or inadequate signs in a construction zone — a factor in the crash?
  • Was the other driver drunk or under the influence, texting, passing recklessly on a mountain road, or otherwise guilty of inattentive or careless driving?
  • Was the outcome of this serious or fatal car accident worsened by an air bag’s failure to deploy or some other auto defect?

Attorney James L. Finegan Helps Those Injured In Colorado

Attorney James L. Finegan primarily serves the greater Denver, Colorado, area and the Front Range. He also ventures statewide to help personal injury and wrongful death victims recover all the compensation they deserve. Regardless of the specific factors in your case, you can turn to James L. Finegan, P.C., by calling(303) 980-5511.

He has the skills and determination to build the best case possible for you and fight for justice every step of the way. You pay no attorney fees unless and until a settlement or judgment in your favor is delivered.