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Lane Change Collisions

Lane changes are a common cause of auto accidents. Because they often occur when vehicles are traveling at high speeds on the interstate, injuries can be catastrophic.

If you are injured because another driver changed lanes improperly, you may be eligible to claim compensation. It is important to consult an experienced lane change collisions attorney to learn more. To discuss your situation and options, call(303) 980-5511 today. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Attorney James L. Finegan is an advocate for clients in Colorado and the Denver area who were injured as the result of a lane change accident. He seeks compensation for the damages and losses experienced by individuals injured because another driver changed lanes improperly. He has the resources to build strong cases for clients injured as the result of this type of accident.

Standard procedure for Mr. Finegan is to reconstruct the accident, determine the effects of the injuries on the client and evaluate the insurance coverage of all parties involved in the incident. He will review police reports and interview witnesses to develop a strategy for helping his clients injured in a lane change accident.

Common Causes Of Lane Change Accidents

Lane change accidents can be the result of:

  • Failing to signal lane change
  • Failing to check for vehicles in the next lane
  • Relying only on mirrors to locate vehicles in the next lane
  • Moving into the lane in a way that causes following traffic to stop suddenly
  • Making a lane change too quickly in poor driving conditions such as ice, snow and rain
  • Crossing multiple lanes to get to an exit

The injured driver may have been forced off the road, sideswiped or involved in a direct collision with the offending vehicle. Injuries may be obviously catastrophic or may be hidden for some time.

Attorney James L. Finegan works with physicians and other medical specialists to determine the full extent of the injuries and their consequences to our client’s life and family.

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To learn about your options after an accident caused by an improperly performed lane change, call(303) 980-5511 or email Mr. Finegan to secure a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer based in Lakewood, Colorado.