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T-Bone Collisions

If you are suffering after a T-bone accident or another side-impact collision — as one of the drivers, a passenger or someone who tragically lost a family member — it is important to get a dedicated auto accident and personal injury lawyer involved as soon as possible.

Attorney James L. Finegan has helped thousands of people throughout Colorado prevail in their legal claims and recover fair compensation. If you wish to speak with an experienced lawyer today, call303-980-5511 or toll-free at 888-980-5511 now and help ensure your rights are fully protected. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Who Was At Fault?

The other driver in your T-bone accident may be entirely at fault, or there may be other factors that demand investigation and follow-through. Applying knowledge gathered in many such crash cases, Attorney James L. Finegan knows what to look for and how to build the best case for his client, considering possible factors such as:

  • Clear traffic violations such as a negligent or overaggressive driver’s failure to stop or yield at a sign or signal
  • Other forms of driver negligence, including texting while driving — now against the law statewide in Colorado
  • Possible negligence by the city, county or government agency responsible for maintaining properly functioning traffic lights and clearly visible stop signs

Fast Action After Your Wreck

Attorney James L. Finegan is committed to fast action for victims. He takes critical steps such as getting to the scene of a vehicle accident as soon as possible — often enabling recovery of critical evidence and witness testimony.

As the case develops, Mr. Finegan’s diligence pays off for clients. Rather than rushing to settle, he is committed to standing strong against uncooperative insurance companies focused on their own interests rather than your well-being. If a trial is the only way to get just compensation, he will be fully prepared. Far more often, Mr. Finegan’s reputation as a tough negotiator and case-building prowess as a Denver T-bone accident lawyer leads to a fair settlement.

Pursuing Fair Compensation

To put a long-standing, respected lawyer to work for you, contact Attorney James L. Finegan now. You do not have to worry about cost, as Mr. Finegan handles personal injury and wrongful death cases on a “no fee if no recovery” basis. Mr. Finegan’s office is located in Lakewood, Colorado.