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Colorado truck drivers are always advised to drive with extra caution. A recent truck accident, which has caught the attention of the nation, emphasizes the need for drivers to operate their vehicles with safety always in mind.

According to a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, on Interstate 35, near Davis, Oklahoma, a tractor-trailer, instead of rounding a curve, continued driving straight into the interstate’s median. The truck, which drove 820 feet even after hitting the barrier, then struck a bus that was carrying 15 members of the North Central Texas women’s softball team. Despite hitting the bus, the truck still continued to travel, crossing lanes and plowing through trees. The accident resulted in the death of four female softball players who were passengers of the bus. A dozen people were also injured.

A preliminary criminal investigation showed that there were no problems with the truck’s brakes. However, NTSB investigators were trying to download the vehicle’s data recorder in order to determine if the brakes were applied. The truck driver, a 53-year-old man from Texas, admitted to being distracted. Search warrants were obtained to gather evidence from the tractor-trailer and the bus. Quickway, the truck company, issued a statement that said it will fully cooperate with authorities. Federal records show that the truck company was involved in a fatal accident two years ago, but has kept its record free of federal safety penalties for the last six years.

Truck accidents can be a complicated matter. Not only will local authorities be involved, but federal agencies might intervene as well. Through all this, victims and their families can get lost in the shuffle.