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Biking can have so many benefits. You get a great amount of daily exercise, you can feel healthier, you don’t have to pay for city parking and you lessen your eco-footprint. Unfortunately, though, bikers can be vulnerable on busy roads.

Not everyone knows how to drive while being aware of bikers, so be sure that you know how to bike safely on the road. Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe:

  1. Use the proper safety items

Though they may not be the most fashion-forward, you should always use the proper safety items when riding. Make sure to have on a helmet and clothing that makes you visible to those around you. If you are going to be riding at night or as the sun is setting, be sure to have reflectors and bike lights.

  1. Assume that cars don’t see you

Many drivers don’t think to or simply don’t look for bikers. You likely just aren’t on their radar, so keep an eye on drivers around you.

  1. Be loud

Sometimes, you need to make your presence known on the road. If you suspect a driver doesn’t see you or is encroaching on your space, use a bell, horn or even just shout to let them know where you are.

  1. Ride single file

Though riding with your friend or spouse may be fun, biking side by side can be dangerous. Colorado law does allow bikers to ride two abreast, but it can still be hazardous on busy roads. It’s usually best to go single file.

  1. Be predictable

Don’t make sudden turns while on a road with vehicles. The more predictable and the more you signal your movements, the safer you will be.

  1. Watch for blind spots

Cars can’t always see you, even if they are looking, and trucks even more so. Be aware of the blind spots of the vehicles around you and don’t ride in them.

  1. Let them pass

If there is a line of cars behind you, it’s probably smart to let them pass. Though you do have the right to be in car lanes, it’s safety to pullover rather than waiting for cars to pass you in an opposite lane.

  1. Be confident and aware

Nervous bikers make drivers uneasy. Be confident in your biking, but also be sure to be aware of what is happening around you. Distractions like your phone or music can keep you from noticing a car moving into your lane or someone honking at you.