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Dangerous driving in Colorado and across the United States is often linked to speeding, recklessness, distraction, drowsiness and driving under the influence. However, there are other ways in which a driver can be categorized as dangerous. It might not be perceived as risky to drive too slowly, but this too can cause car accidents.

A driver who is moving at too slow a speed can cause many issues. For drivers who encounter a slow driver, there are certain factors to think about, including the different types of slow drivers out on the road. There are essentially four kinds of slow drivers: distracted drivers, tourists, people who are new to the road and older drivers.

Distracted driving afflicts every segment of society. People who are using a device or are distracted for any other reason behind the wheel could be under the impression that driving slowly makes it safer. Research indicates that the part of the brain that is associated with driving, the parietal lobe, is diminished in activity by 37% when using a cellphone.

People who are on vacation or in an unfamiliar area may reduce their speed. However, looking at sites and indecisiveness is hazardous when driving.

Those who have just gotten their driver’s license will typically proceed slowly out of an abundance of caution. While this is laudable, it can be the catalyst for an auto accident. Finally, older people are comparable to new drivers in that they will be extra careful. They are also prone to having physical issues, cognitive limitations and eyesight considerations, meaning they will drive slowly.

Individuals who encounter a slow driver can take precautions of their own, including making sure it is safe before passing, having patience, flashing the lights and gently using the horn. When there is an auto accident, driving too slowly might have caused it. With the medical costs, lost income and lost wages that frequently accompany car accidents, a legal filing might be the only way to recover compensation. A law firm experienced in helping those impacted by a crash may provide guidance in filing a claim.