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Truck drivers in Colorado and across the United States are repeatedly warned not to become distracted behind the wheel. However, many of them still don’t fully understand how dangerous distracted driving is.

For example, experts say that truck drivers who take their eyes off the road while traveling at 50 mph can cover the length of a tractor-trailer in just one second. Meanwhile, truckers who become distracted at 67 mph can travel the entire length of a football field in just three seconds, and drivers who look away at 70 mph can travel almost one-tenth of a mile in just five seconds. That means that truck drivers are essentially driving blind for hundreds of feet each time they take their eyes off the road to read a text, make a phone call or even pick up a water bottle, which endangers their lives and the lives of others.

Many trucking companies have policies designed to mitigate distracted driving. However, truck drivers can also do several things to reduce their risk of becoming distracted behind the wheel. For instance, truckers are encouraged to unwrap their fast food and put a straw in their drink before hitting the road to minimize food-related distractions. They are also encouraged to use hands-free settings to make phone calls and save texting for their next stop. These preventative actions can reduce the chances of causing a distracted driving crash and help save lives.

People who are injured in truck accidents caused by a trucker’s negligence could be owed compensation for a variety of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property loss. Likewise, families who lose a loved one in a truck crash might be owed compensation for funeral and burial expenses, lost income, loss of companionship and more. Victims could learn more about their legal options by contacting a personal injury attorney about their case.