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Both passenger vehicle drivers and truckers in Colorado should be aware of the most common causes of 18-wheeler accidents. While the average passenger vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds, an 18-wheeler could weigh up to 80,000 pounds, so preventing these accidents is an urgent business.

One of the most widespread factors in truck accidents is equipment failure, and this can happen in one of two ways. The problem may have been something that the trucker would have reasonably known about, such as a worn brake pad or a cracked windshield, except that the trucker failed to inspect the rig each time before a shift.

In other cases, equipment failure may result from a defective part that the trucker would not have been able to detect. The manufacturer may be held liable, then, for a defect during the production process. Other parties that could be responsible include the trucking company that sold the truck and the person who installed the part.

Another frequently reported cause of truck collisions is driver error, which is usually perpetrated by the drivers of passenger vehicles. Errors can range from driving while intoxicated and speeding to operating a vehicle while using a phone. Then there is the effect of bad weather, especially when truckers are inexperienced. Lastly, many accidents arise because of improperly loaded cargo.

When the failure of defective truck parts is the probable cause of truck accidents, those who are injured may wonder if they are entitled to compensation. Colorado’s modified comparative negligence law states that plaintiffs who are less than 50% at fault can recover damages. Contributory negligence will lower the amount they recover without barring them entirely. Of course, there’s the fact that victims will likely face opposition from the defendants, so it may be wise to hire a lawyer before filing a claim.