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Colorado pedestrians are in constant danger of being injured in an auto accident. The risk of these pedestrian accidents has worsened in recent years because of the inherent distractions that drivers face when behind the wheel. Combined with recklessness, driving under the influence, speeding and drowsiness, distractions can lead to a crash.

Recent statistics bear this out. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 2019 saw an increase in pedestrian fatalities. They had risen 5% from 2018 in which nearly 6,600 pedestrians died. That was the most in three decades. While the GHSA only had concrete numbers through June 2019 at the time of its report, assessing the numbers shows a worrisome increase. Some states are worse than others for pedestrian safety. Five states that account for one-third of the U.S. population, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona and California, had 47% of the fatal pedestrian crashes.

Still, this is a nationwide concern. In the preceding decade, pedestrian fatalities have been growing. This came about after there was a two-decade decrease. For 2009, there were slightly more than 4,100 such deaths. This grew by 53% in the ensuing decade. If the 2019 estimate is proven accurate, the increase would be 60% from 2009. It should be noted that more people are on the road, which is a contributing factor to the death totals increasing. Other potential factors include the prevalence of SUVs, weather and distraction behind the wheel. SUVs are known to have a higher frequency of fatal accidents involving pedestrians.

The number of traffic fatalities in general has stayed relatively static, increasing by 2% in the last decade. The numbers for overall fatalities for those in passenger vehicles have improved significantly since 1975 with a drop of 25%. However, the vulnerability of pedestrians makes it likely they will have serious injuries or lose their lives if there is a pedestrian-auto accident. The aftermath can have physical, emotional and financial ramifications, so recovering compensation may be key. An attentive legal professional with experience in personal injury claims might help with a case.