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Your first question after getting in a car wreck in Lakewood, Colorado, is which driver was at fault. This will determine whether or not you have grounds for a personal injury case. The question can become a little complicated if you or the other driver had an advanced driver-assistance system engaged.

After all, these systems are meant to prevent crashes. The collision warning, blind-spot detection and pedestrian detection, among other features, would alert drivers to a crash. Then, if drivers do not brake in time, the automatic emergency braking would intervene.

Studies have recorded the safety benefits

Research from LexisNexis Risk Solutions has shown that there are 27% fewer bodily injury claims and 19% fewer property damage claims with vehicles using ADAS. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied the crash involvement rate of cars with blind-spot detection and found that the rate was 14% lower when compared to the same models without the feature.

A researcher from Carnegie Mellon University said that if every light-duty vehicle fleet took advantage of crash avoidance technology, the result would be $264 billion worth of accidents prevented. Though the average driver may be excused from considering ADAS, experts recommend it for professional drivers like Uber and Lyft drivers.

High cost and imperfect tech are some concerns

Not everyone is on board with ADAS, mainly due to the high cost of installing the cameras and sensors. Repair bills for ADAS vehicles are usually double that for ordinary vehicles.

The tech can experience glitches, too, and the very nature of the tech can mislead drivers into feeling they can pay less attention to the road. Perhaps the driver who caused your accident had actually used ADAS as a pretext for, say, calling or texting behind the wheel.

A lawyer to help you achieve a settlement

Personal injury law can be complicated, so you may want a lawyer to evaluate your case and determine how much you might be eligible for in compensatory damages. The lawyer may even hire investigators to obtain the police report and any other evidence against the defendant before heading off to settlement negotiations.