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Those who have had the experience of breaking a leg bone in Colorado may well understand the pain and suffering that happens after such an occurrence. Femur fractures due to motor vehicle accidents are among the worst types of fractures. This is because the femur is both the longest and strongest bone in the body; when it becomes fractured, recovery can be painful and lengthy.

One of the reasons for a longer recovery is that if a car accident was traumatic enough to break the femur bone, other bones are likely to have broken at the same time. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says that car accidents are the most common cause of femur breaks. Though pedestrians and motorcyclists are more likely to break their femur than vehicle occupants, both drivers and passengers do experience broken femurs.

The reason for this is that vehicles may be traveling at a high speed before an accident occurs. In a high-impact crash, the force is transferred to the vehicle’s occupants. This can cause a femur fracture to occur. Should the femur break, surgery may be necessary to address blood vessels, ligaments, tendons and muscles damaged in the crash. After femur surgery, the patient must go through a recovery period that includes physical therapy. Surgery, especially when a compound fracture occurred, carries the added risk of infection.

Those who break a femur in a car accident may face costly medical bills and missed work during recovery. Filing a civil suit against a negligent driver might help offset these costs. A personal injury lawyer may be able to prove that the driver who caused the auto accident behaved negligently. Medical and compensatory damages might then be awarded to the person injured in the accident to help during recovery.