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Some of the very factors that can make autumn beautiful, including leaves, can also be driving hazards. Leaves on the road can hide hazards and make for slick surfaces in the rain. They might also cause cyclists to swerve into the road. Although accidents involving deer are less common in Colorado than in many other states, they still present a hazard as well, with the highest likelihood of a deer-related accident in November when they are mating.

Seasonal considerations

Fall means going back to school, and drivers should be cautious around school buses and in school zones. They should also keep in mind that there may be more student drivers on the road. Shorter days is another autumn hazard. The National Safety Council reports that half of motor vehicle accidents happen at night even though just one-quarter of driving occurs then. When the sun is out in the fall, it is actually more dangerous than in the summer because it sits lower on the horizon. This positions it to create a glare off cars, windows and buildings that can impair a driver’s sight. Drivers should make sure they have sunglasses.


Autumn weather also has its hazards. Fog lights should be used in foggy conditions, when overall vision and distance perception can be affected. As it gets colder, water on the road may freeze to ice, particularly on bridges. Even when it is not cold enough to freeze, water can cause slick pavements and hydroplaning. People should make sure their tires have enough tread and the right air pressure in them as summer comes to an end since these factors can be important to safe performance. Finally, drivers visiting from other parts of the country who are not accustomed to local weather conditions can represent a danger as well.

Auto accidents that occur because of drivers who are careless or inexperienced can result in devastating injuries. A driver who causes an accident might be required to pay compensation to passengers and other drivers who are injured to cover medical costs and other expenses.