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Winter is an exciting time for a lot of us. Watching the leaves turn to snow, bringing out the winter clothes to build a snowman, and just enjoying a cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s night are some of the pleasures of winter. While there are plenty of things to enjoy this winter, we also need to prepare our road safety kits for the winter.

More than 150,000 car accidents happen every year because of icy road conditions, and it is essential to prepare yourself and your passengers for them. Even if the accident is minor, the cold winter weather can still be a risk, so here are a few things everyone should keep in their road safety kit this winter:

Reflective cones and road flares

On a dark winter night, cars can seemingly vanish into thin air, especially if it is snowing out. If you wind up stuck on the side of the road, make you and your car move visible with reflective cones and road flares. These tools can help you keep from turning a small accident into a deadly one.

Blankets and gloves

There is no telling how long you may need to wait on the side of the road and whether keeping your car on for the duration will be an option. Because of these difficulties, keeping warm may be a new challenge for you. Many drivers assume that they will not need gloves in their car since they usually have them in person, but if you forget your pair at home or one pair gets wet, you will be glad to have a backup.

Sandbags and kitty litter

Part of what causes accidents on icy roads is when our cars lose traction. You can help combat this by storing sandbags in your trunk. When it comes time to try to drive out of the snow, scooping kitty litter under your tires can give you the traction you need to get out.

A snow spade

When it has been snowing for a long time, a snow spade can be essential in helping you get out of a snowbank. Make sure that you choose a shovel that is both compact enough to fit in your car and sturdy enough to handle heavy, wet snow.

Planning today to prepare for tomorrow

It is better to have the tools you need and not need them than not to have tools when you need them most. Ensure that you are prepared for the worst this winter by adding these extra tools to your road safety kit.