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Circumstances and the types of vehicles involved could contribute to the differences among various crashes in Colorado. A small car that backs into a pickup truck while parking in a tight spot may cause some minor damage, but a head-on collision on a single-lane highway might lead to unavoidable fatalities. Tremendous differences might exist when comparing car and truck accidents.

Trucks and the laws of physics

Trucks are oversized vehicles and much larger than passenger cars. When a truck crashes into a smaller vehicle, its mass and weight could cause significant damage. Therefore, the chances of a fatality could be higher in a truck-involved accident.

Sometimes, the smaller vehicle could be the cause of the accident. An attempt to cut off a tractor-trailer might lead to disaster, so drivers of smaller vehicles should exercise caution when driving near trucks.

Special considerations with truck accidents

Unfortunately, some additional factors contribute to the increased risk of accidents among larger vehicles. Federal rules establish how long drivers may be on the road consecutively. Regulations also mandate break times for drivers. Logs may reveal the driver violated these rules, leading to an incident, and tired and drowsy drivers present hazards to others.

Truck drivers might take to the road while under the influence. Even legal substances could contribute to poor judgment or distractions, like cold and flu medicine that causes drowsiness.

A truck accident might even be due to a third party’s fault. If the trucking company employing the driver does not maintain the brakes, the employer could face negligence claims. Loading companies and even the manufacturer who made the truck might contribute to the liabilities involved in an accident as well. When filing a suit, an attorney may seek to determine all the negligent parties to name in the litigation.

Truck-related motor vehicle accidents can cause severe damage and may come with additional considerations of negligence. Individuals hurt in a truck accident may want to discuss their case with an attorney.