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The days following a car accident can be stressful for most people. Not only are you facing potential health problems, but you are also dealing with insurance claims, statements to local law enforcement and other issues. Colorado residents who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident should avoid certain behaviors during this stressful time.

Don’t leave the police out of it

In many cases, especially if the other driver is at fault, they will try to talk you out of calling the police. It doesn’t matter how minor the accident seems to you, you should call 911 and have local authorities fill out a police report at the scene of the accident. Failure to involve the authorities can make it all but impossible to receive financial compensation after the wreck.

Don’t trust insurance adjustors

The insurance adjuster that reaches out to you following your accident is not on your side. In fact, he or she is responsible for trying to save the company money. Even if the adjuster uses phrases like, “You can trust me,” you need to know that they are lying to you and trying to cheat you out of your money.

Don’t ever say you’re “OK”

Whether you’re speaking to the insurance, the other driver or even law enforcement, you should never declare that you are physically OK after an auto accident. First of all, you don’t actually know that as injuries stemming from car wrecks can take several days to present. Secondly, doing so can greatly damage any case that you may have going forward.

Other than law enforcement, your first call after an auto accident should be to an attorney. This attorney can review the police reports, witness statements, your medical files and more to help you get the money you may be entitled to after a crash.