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Pedestrians find themselves in a dangerous position when crossing busy streets in Colorado. The mass and weight of even a compact car might inflict serious injury on a human being. Therefore, pedestrians must employ great care when near traffic. However, pedestrians aren’t always at fault when such accidents occur.

Myths and realities about pedestrian accidents

When pedestrians are hurt in collisions, many people assume that the pedestrian was distracted when they stepped in front of a moving car. In reality, negligent drivers frequently injure pedestrians in avoidable incidents.

Distracted driving is not entirely due to cellphones; merely carrying on a conversation with a passenger could distract a driver. That said, modern advancements in technology increase the chances of distractions. A touchscreen might draw attention away from the road ahead. These distracted drivers might not notice a stop sign and hit someone legally crossing the street.

Drunk driving, speeding, committing other moving violations and failing to perform adequate vehicle maintenance could all lead to disastrous accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. Ultimately, when negligence factors into an accident, someone may face a lawsuit.

Other issues of concern with pedestrian accidents

Several factors contribute to potential increases in pedestrian accidents. If a local area lacks adequately maintained roads, the potential for collisions might increase. Too few street lights or the failure to repair broken stop or speed limit signs may lead to an accident.

Vehicle choice may factor into outcomes as well. Large vehicles, such as SUVs, typically inflict more harm. Sports car enthusiasts may drive above the speed limit, resulting in more serious injuries upon impact.

Auto accidents involving pedestrians may result in terrible consequences. Permanent injuries and wrongful death could occur, leading to a civil suit against the at-fault driver.