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Trucks remain a constant presence on Colorado roads as they carry vital cargo. However, trucks and their drivers present unique dangers to others. Truck drivers must employ great care when operating a vehicle since the mass and weight could cause devastating injuries to other vehicles or pedestrians. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that truck accidents remain common and deadly occurrences.

Truck accident dangers

Truck drivers require special licenses because semi-trucks operate differently from passenger vehicles. Bringing a large truck to a stop requires a significant distance for example. A driver traveling at highway speeds needs to be alert because slow or stalled traffic may demand an unexpected halt. A distracted driver interested in making a phone call or engaging apps might not slow or stop in time to avoid an accident.

Distracted driving could take many forms, and truck drivers benefit from staying away from anything taking their attention from the road. Drowsy or fatigued driving are included in this category. Numerous truck drivers become involved in accidents because they are too tired to maintain adequate safety. Some even violate federal and state regulations regarding consecutive driving hours.

Violating state traffic laws brings with it incredible dangers as well. A truck traveling far above the speed limit presents enormous hazards. When the driver engages in other reckless behavior, such as not signaling when changing lanes or tailgating, he or she increases the chances for an accident.

Negligence in truck driving

Trucks don’t represent the most common vehicles on the road, but they factor into a significant percentage of fatal accidents. Drivers who operate their vehicles negligently could make unfortunate contributions to such statistics.

Among the gravest dangers on the road is an intoxicated driver. Truck drivers might perform their duties under the influence, and alcohol isn’t always the substance used. Painkillers, stimulants and various other drugs, legal or otherwise, may undermine performance on the road.

When a truck driver does not employ safe behavior, he or she could face negligence claims. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks may cause catastrophic injuries, so individuals hurt in a truck accident may find filing a lawsuit necessary to cover their losses.