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Colorado residents may find themselves dealing with the hazards of cold weather during the winter. With the cold, snow, ice and slush presenting potential dangers, even the most cautious person might slip and fall on an icy sidewalk. To cut down on potential accidents, being alert to reasons for slip-and-fall risks may prove helpful.

Common and unexpected reasons for slip and fall hazards

When it rains or snows and the temperature drops below freezing, sidewalks may become icy. Wearing appropriate footwear, such as boots designed with better traction, could cut down on slips.

Snow and cold weather could lead to cracked and broken sidewalks. The damage might become difficult to see when snow, ice, and slush appear on the ground, so an uneven or damaged sidewalk presents another hazardous risk.

A home or business owner may clear off snow from the ground, but what about the roof? Melting ice and snow could land on the sidewalk and freeze, creating another hazard. Not addressing a newly frozen sidewalk surface might open the property owner to liability claims.

At night, sidewalks and paths may come with reduced visibility. A lack of sufficient lighting could create a hazard. When a business remains open after sunset, it’s important that the proprietor take steps to provide sufficient lighting. A failure to do so might be negligence.

Improper cleaning of exteriors

Upon clearing a parking lot or sidewalk, were steps taken to ensure that the piles of cleared ice and snow did not present new hazards? How long did the homeowner or business owner wait to clear up the ice and snow? A failure to do so timely could leave the owner liable.

Injuries from slip-and-fall accidents have the potential to be severe. A personal injury suit or insurance claim may be able to help someone recover medical expenses, lost wages and more.