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The last year has seen changes in nearly every aspect of our lives. Amongst those was how we work, receive and education, and even shop. As a result, far fewer drivers were on the road in 2020, which may lead you to believe that reduced fatal car accident statistics would follow. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Fatal car accident statistics for 2020

The tragic reality is that 2020 saw more than 42,000 motor vehicle accident fatalities in the U.S. That number is an increase of 8% from 2019 and marks the first increase in accident deaths in the last four years. As concerning as that statistic is, another worrisome piece of the study is that the death rate per every 100 miles driven increased significantly (24%).

There may be many contributing factors to these increased statistics. Some researchers think that speed is the number one problem causing these fatal wrecks, but others point to indications that more individuals involved in accidents are testing positive for alcohol, marijuana, and opiates. Some think that less traffic and more wide-open roads have lured drivers into engaging in riskier behaviors.

Regardless of how these car accidents are occurring, the fact remains that tens of thousand so of people are killed each year on the roadways, and millions, nearly 5 million in 2020 alone, are injured in these wrecks. The devastation caused to these victims and their families can be tremendous, affecting their physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

The damages caused

It’s no secret that car accidents can lead to significant damages. Far too often the injuries suffered in these wrecks are enormously costly to treat, which can leave victims and their families on the brink of financial collapse. A serious wreck can also knock an individual out of work for a significant period of time, which can result in an enormous amount of lost wages. The physical and emotional pain and suffering can be unbearable, too, leaving victims and their families uncertain about their futures.

Taking legal action when justified

The damages caused by a car accident are unacceptable, especially when they’re caused by the negligence of another driver. That’s why those who have been harmed in an accident, as well as surviving family members of those killed in a tragic wreck, need to be prepared to take legal action if they hope to obtain accountability and recover compensation.

While this means gathering the evidence needed to establish liability, it also means putting forth competent evidence to show the full extent of damages suffered. This may require expert testimony and the utilization of statutory and case law. To maximize your chances of succeeding on your claim, you have to take a detailed an holistic approach to your case, leaving no stone unturned. That might sound challenging, but experienced legal professionals know how to build your case from the ground up to give you the strong advocacy you deserve.

If you’re in that position now and are ready to fight for the outcome you deserve, then you may want to consider speaking with an attorney who will know how to build your case. At law firms like ours, car accident victims receive the individualized attention they deserve so that their cases don’t just become another statistic. We treat every case like its our own so that our clients can reclaim the bright future they possessed and expected prior to their accident. To learn more about our firm, please continue to browse our website.