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Many Colorado motorists have heard of car accidents happening when large animals like cows or deer walk into the road. But smaller animals like squirrels, raccoons, and porcupines can also cause damage to a car. Drivers should know the steps to take after an accident with an animal causes damage to their vehicle.

Pull over

A collision with a large animal can total a motor vehicle. The damage possibilities when an accident includes a small animal can vary based on accident severity. In either event, it helps to stay calm in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Drivers should pull over to the side of the road if they can do so.

Check for injuries

Examine yourself for injuries before checking on the well-being of anyone in the car with you. Some injuries sustained in car accidents do not show themselves immediately. It is a good idea for accident victims to submit themselves for a medical examination even if they feel fine after the accident.

Call police

A call to the police is not always necessary after auto accidents. But it is a good idea to call authorities if the animal involved in the accident is still on the road. This obstruction can become a danger to other drivers. A police report may also benefit drivers that file accident claims with their insurance companies later.

Check for vehicle damage

Once pulled over to a safe location and authorities are aware of the accident, drivers should check their car for damages. A collision with a large animal will likely leave the car with dents or damage to the bumper.

Stay away from animal

Most motorists will want to help the animal they hit if it is still alive. But injured animals can be unpredictable. The driver should keep a safe distance from the animal until help arrives.

Accident claims that do not involve another driver can get complicated at times. An attorney may prove helpful to motorists who find themselves in this position.