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Summer driving does not present the same dangers to Colorado drivers as winter driving. While there is no snow or ice to contend with, there are still hazards that individuals should be aware of to ensure that they and their passengers stay safe. This informational post will explore some of the ways Lakewood drivers can protect themselves while on the roads this summer. However, as with all of the posts on this blog, no reader should interpret the contents found herein as legal advice.

Spatial awareness while behind the wheel

Summer is a time when many people spend extra time outdoors. The days stay lighter for longer, and children and adults alike may find more activities to participate in within their communities. With more men, women, and children out and about, drivers must be aware of bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians who may cross their paths. Keeping an eye out in all directions can help drivers prevent collisions not only with other cars but also with individuals traveling on foot.

Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance

It is always important to stay on top of vehicle maintenance to prevent breakdowns and other vehicle problems. A poorly maintained car or truck may be a hazard not only to its driver but also to everyone else with whom they share the road. When temperatures are high and vehicle conditions deteriorate, individuals can find themselves in dangerous situations while out driving their cars.

Make good choices about driving behaviors

It does not matter what time of year it is to make good decisions about driving behaviors. Drivers who choose to drive without distractions, and drivers who eliminate drunk driving risks from their practices, make themselves and others safer when they are behind the wheels of their cars. During the summer, drivers can perfect their safe driving habits to keep themselves safe from harm.

Identify and use safety equipment

Just as motorists can always choose to be safe when driving their vehicles, they can also always choose to use the safety equipment in their cars when they drive. Seatbelts for adults and older youths can help prevent injuries in accidents, and properly installed car seats can make the difference between life and death for young children in collisions. During the summer, drivers and their passengers can stay safe on road trips by electing to use their vehicles’ safety features.