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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Archives

Colorado pedestrian accident victims need aggressive advocates

In any collision with a motor vehicle, a Colorado pedestrian can suffer severe injuries or be killed. The range of injuries from pedestrian accidents includes spinal cord, brain injuries and fractures. Despite being at the mercy of motor vehicles, pedestrians are often the ones blamed by insurance companies for the injuries they sustain. They may have to accept settlements that are insufficient compensation for their medical and related costs. Instead of feeling forced into settlements that are not enough for their needs, pedestrian accident victims in Colorado should consider retaining the services of an attorney who will aggressively fight for their rights.

Hit-and-run accidents can pose their own set of challenges

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are required by Colorado law to remain at the scene of the crash until certain steps are complete. You may be required to exchange information with other people involved in the accident and to report the accident to law enforcement authorities. If there is an injury or death, it is important to call for medical attention. Pedestrian accidents in particular are likely to result in serious injury or death, so collecting information from all involved drivers and witnesses at the scene is critical.

Woman Charged in Fatal Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

Hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist and then leaving the scene of the accident is perhaps one of the worst realities that can happen to a person who is not paying attention to their environment. Just one momentary lapse in time can mean the difference between being a law abiding citizen and the next moment a fugitive who is most likely going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter charges and spend significant amounts of time in jail, owe the courts and the deceased family lots of money, as well as effect that individuals mental state for the rest of their life.

What do pedestrian accident statistics reveal about Colorado?

Some urban Colorado residents walk to get around town, and some walk for the health benefits that walking can provide. Unfortunately, although walking on a sidewalk or in a marked crosswalk should be safe, occasionally, it is not. Over the course of a single year, there are many pedestrian accidentsthroughout Colorado, although the majority are in cities. In some cases, pedestrians sustain catastrophic injuries. A pedestrian is no match for a motor vehicle of any sort at any speed.

Asserting the rights of Colorado pedestrian accident victims

Many automobile accidents occur every day in Colorado without resulting in injuries. When it comes to pedestrian accidentsinvolving motor vehicles, however, people are for more likely to be injured. If a pedestrian is hit by a negligent driver and suffers injuries as a result, then he or she may we wise to seek legal help to secure compensation. Our Lakewood firm can help do just that.

What should Coloradoans know about pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian safety is a serious concern throughout the United States. Every year, government agencies gather information about injuries and fatalities from pedestrian accidents, in an effort to understand the situation better and devise better safety measures to prevent pedestrian accidents. Although agencies do their part, Colorado motorists and pedestrians should also do their share as well. Having basic knowledge can go a long way in preventing accidents.

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