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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries

Fatal road accidents can involve all kinds of vehicles from standard passenger vehicles to commercial trucks. Motorcycle accidentscan be particularly devastating due to the serious injuries and deaths that can occur as a result. In fact, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than someone in a passenger vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents through the eyes of an avid cyclist

Any accident on a motorcycle can leave its rider with a wide variety of serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents can also lead to permanent disabilities andfatalities. Even in cases where riders are harmed, victims are sometimes blamed for causing the accidents by other motorists. Defendants in personal injury lawsuits filed by motorcyclists often have extremely aggressive representation. Our Colorado law firm, however, not only specializes in handling motorcycle accidents, but also has a unique perspective when it comes to such accidents. After all, the person for whom the law firm was named is an avid motorcycle rider himself.

Common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents

Most motorcyclists who operate their two-wheeled vehicles on the roads in and around Denver understand the risks. Motorcycles can be unstable compared to other types of motor vehicles because they require balance and different driving skills. These vehicles are also lightweight, which is why motorcycles cannot withstand an impact with larger vehicles, such as cars, and why motorcyclists often suffer severe injuries.

How can drivers avoid Colorado motorcycle accidents?

Whether or not another Colorado vehicle is involved, a motorcycle crash has a much greater chance of injuring or killing its rider than crashes that only involve other types of vehicles. Unfortunately, even if motorcyclists survive their motorcycle accidents, they often require long-term care to recover from their injuries. According to 2012 data, the last year for which complete national data exist, motorcycle-related fatalities made up 15 percent of all total traffic fatalities in the United States. Nearly 5,000 people died, and more than 90,000 were injured. In Colorado alone, 97 people died.

Fatal motorcycle accidents rise in Colorado Springs

Many Coloradoans use motorcycles so state officials and other safety groups make it a point to remind motorcyclists to always put safety front and center since motorcycles lack protection for riders. Motorcycle drivers and passengers can easily sustain serious injuries or even lose their lives when an accident occurs. Despite the efforts of Colorado officials and safety groups, recent statistics indicate this help has fallen on deaf ears because fatal motorcycle accidents have increased in Colorado Springs, as well as El Paso County.

Following Colorado's laws can help prevent motorcycle accidents

For many riders in Colorado, motorcycles have a certain rebel appeal. Others, though, may love motorcycles because they are more fuel efficient, have a more sleek appearance or move better in traffic. Unfortunately, none of these attributes offers any protection for riders when they encounter other vehicles or even the road itself. Staying out of trouble and protecting themselves by following Colorado's motor vehicle laws is the best way for motorcyclists to avoid motorcycle accidents.

What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles have a lot of appeal for Colorado residents. Beyond the sleek appearance, the lightweight vehicles are fuel-efficient and offer a unique experience as opposed to riding in cars. However, there is one drawback to riding motorcycles: safety. The vehicle provides no protection when it comes to accidents, which often result in serious injuries. Nonetheless, there are ways motorcyclists, as well as other motorists, can prevent motorcycle accidents from happening.

Colorado Springs motorcycle accident claims life of store manager

As many Colorado residents gear up for motorcycle rides to enjoy the months of relatively good weather that still remain, they should remember to always keep safety in mind. Unlike an enclosed vehicle, a motorcycle provides minimal protection for a rider in the event of an accident. However, motorists also need to do their part in avoiding motorcycle accidents, which frequently injure or even kill riders, as a recent accident in Colorado Springs demonstrates.

Colorado DOT launches initiative to prevent motorcycle accidents

Summer weather is perfect for riding motorcycles, so many Colorado residents get on their bikes and take to the streets. But, as the number of riders increase on the streets and highways, motorcycle accidents also seem to rise. The Colorado Department of Transportation knows this for a fact. To help prevent motorcycle crashes, the CDOT has launched a safety campaign encouraging riders to get proper training before hopping on their motorcycles.

Collision between SUV and motorcycle sends rider to hospital

Colorado residents who ride motorcycles often do so because of the sense of freedom it brings and because it is easier to navigate through traffic in which cars can become slowed to a crawl. Riding a two-wheeled vehicle, however, poses a larger risk to a motorcycle rider because the vehicle itself offers less protection compared to other motor vehicles. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the rider is more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

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