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Lakewood Bus Accident Attorney

Were you injured when someone ran into a bus? Did your child’s school bus tip over in an accident? Did a bus driver take a corner too sharply, throwing you from your seat? Whatever the cause of the bus accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Lakewood bus accident attorney James L. Finegan has the experience needed to obtain a successful outcome for you.

Tour buses, shuttle buses, resort buses and others are constantly hurrying around the Denver area and up to the mountains. If you were hit by a bus, as a pedestrian or in a car, the damage was probably severe. Many companies hire inexperienced drivers to drive on Interstate 70, and U.S. 6, often in bad weather. If Colorado Mountain Express or a city bus ran into your car, or hit you with its mirror, call Attorney James L. Finegan for help pursuing compensation.

Bus accidents have a strict statute of limitations. If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident,  contact James L. Finegan today.

Why Choose Us?

James L. Finegan tenaciously represents clients in Denver and throughout Colorado who were injured while riding in a bus, and those injured in any bus or motor vehicle accident. He can help clients who suffer from serious bus injuries, including:

If you suffered injuries or you lost a loved one in a bus accident, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, future therapy costs, and possible funeral expenses in addition to pain and suffering.

Lakewood Bus Accident Attorney James L. Finegan will ensure that both current and future needs are taken into account when determining a fair amount of compensation. With Mr. Finegan’s more than 30 years of experience, you can be sure he will do everything possible to obtain the best possible outcome. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its Lakewood office.

Contact A Dedicated And Tenacious Personal Injury Lawyer

Some bus companies are governmental units. As a result, notice of the accident must be reported within a certain number of days. Claims need to be filed according to the procedure and in a timely manner. With the help of Attorney James L. Finegan, your case will not be lost among a pile of other claims. It will be handled by a single, experienced attorney from the initial filing to the conclusion. You can count on Mr. Finegan to handle your case effectively.

To discuss your possible bus accident claim with an experienced Lakewood bus accident lawyer, call (303) 980-5511 or toll-free at (877) 834-4609 or  contact Attorney James L. Finegan via email to schedule a free initial consultation. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its Lakewood office.