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Colorado pedestrian accident victims need aggressive advocates

Posted on March 28, 2018 in

In any collision with a motor vehicle, a Colorado pedestrian can suffer severe injuries or be killed. The range of injuries from pedestrian accidents includes spinal cord, brain injuries and fractures. Despite being at the mercy of motor vehicles, pedestrians are often the ones blamed by insurance companies for the injuries they sustain. They may have to accept settlements that are insufficient compensation for their medical and related costs. Instead of feeling forced into settlements that are not enough for their needs, pedestrian accident victims in Colorado should consider retaining the services of an attorney who will aggressively fight for their rights.

The law is clear when it comes to pedestrians. In most cases – and especially when they are in marked crosswalks – they have the right of way. No pedestrian should ever have to jump or scramble out of the way of an oncoming vehicle to avoid being hit. No pedestrian should ever be blamed for an accident that was clearly the fault of a motor vehicle operator. And, no pedestrian should ever be lowballed by an insurance company.

If an injured pedestrian is looking for an attorney, then first consider a firm that has many years experience with this type of case. Find out how much compensation the firm has garnered for victims to cover medical needs and accident-related damage. Does the firm clearly understand that financial troubles will not end until the victim has received appropriate compensation?

If the accident was a hit-and-run, then law enforcement officials will be working to determine the identity of the person who left the accident scene. That information can be used by an attorney in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Regardless of the legal outcome, victims should always seek to have the perpetrators identified and held accountable for their negligent actions.