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Don’t Be Misled by these 4 Prevalent Personal Injury Myths

Posted on November 4, 2015 in

The U.S. civil justice system can provide the victims of negligence with recourse for pursuing justice and financial recovery. For those who believe some common misconceptions about personal injury cases, however, it can be easy to make mistakes, misunderstanding their rights and fail to take the necessary actions to obtain the compensation they may deserve fortheir losses and injuries

To prevent this from happening to you, the following discusses the facts about personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Cases & Financial Recovery for Victims: The Facts

  1. To avoid jeopardizing your rights to financial recovery, know these facts about personal injury cases, a Lakewood personal injury attorney explains.

    My accident happened a while ago, so I don’t have options for compensation – Don’t simply accept this myth and move on because Colorado law provides years for victims to move forward with personal injury claims. In fact, in Colorado, the law sets the statute of limitations for personal injury cases at two years. So, if your accident occurred within the past 24 months, you still have time to take action and pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

  2. Negligence is impossible to prove – Again, don’t operate under this assumption because it could cause you to lose out on your financial recovery altogether. Although negligence may be more challenging to prove in some cases, the bottom line is that an experienced lawyer will know how to establish the negligence associated with your accident; what’s more is that a seasoned attorney may have the resources and skills needed to uncover evidence or negligence you may not have even considered or been aware of.
  3. Personal injury cases always take way too long to resolve – It can take months (or sometimes longer) to bringing personal injury cases to successful resolutions. Although this can seem like forever for those who may be strapped for money and who are relying on financial recoveries to pay for medical treatments and living costs, the truth is that taking a little bit of extra time to fight for the payout you deserve can be the key to maximizing your compensation.
  4. The insurance company offered me a settlement, so there’s no need to pursue further action – Don’t be fooled by this misconception either! Settlement offers are not necessarily what they may seem to be when you start analyzing the numbers and what your losses/damages are. In fact, even offers that may have been appealing at the start can look like meager offerings when considering issues like the ongoing need for expensive medical care – or the inability to earn a living for months (or forever). So, don’t blindly accept any offer without first talking to an attorney to find out if the offer is adequate.

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