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Fighting Your DUI Case In Denver Courts

Anyone who suggests facing a drunk driving charge in a Denver courtroom without an experienced lawyer on your side may not understand the current consequences. Every day, people forego opportunities to challenge the cases against them or negotiate livable consequences.

Denver DUI lawyer James L. Finegan can help you by handling these opportunities.

Assessing Your DUI/DWAI Case

Challenging your DUI/DWAI in court is a big decision and a major effort. But it can make the difference for your future, including having a positive financial impact for the long term. The decision may be impacted by Attorney James L. Finegan’s efforts in:

  • Investigating the circumstances of your arrest
  • Determining whether your traffic stop was legal
  • Reviewing all evidence against you, including breath test and field sobriety test results
  • Understanding your specific situation, considering prior arrests, whether you drive for a living, and other factors

Know Your Defense Attorney

You can expect direct attention from a proven Denver drunk driving attorney through each phase of your case. You can also depend on Attorney James L. Finegan to go in-depth on your case in the effort to build a viable, effective defense strategy.

There really is no time to lose if you hope to obtain a positive outcome in your Colorado DUI or DWAI case. When you contact Mr. Finegan, you receive counsel from an attorney with more than 35 years of experience. Your case will never be passed off to a paralegal or inexperienced associate, as it might be at a higher volume Denver metro or area law firm.

The firm defends clients against DUI charges in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County.Call 303-586-2961 or toll-free at 303-586-2961.