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Fighting for justice and the future of drunk driving victims

Posted on March 28, 2018 in

Drunk drivers often cause the most heinous auto accidents. The more intoxicated the driver, the more likely the chance that unsuspecting Coloradans will suffer serious injuries or lose their lives in an accident. Victims and their families, however, can rely on our Lakewood law firm to fight for justice and ensure that their future is not compromised.

Drunk driving is a highly negligent behavior that is frowned upon by society. Even worse, drunk drivers often take the negligence to another level – after causing an accident and seeing the damage, drunk drivers tend to flee the crime scene. Besides representing clients, our skilled lawyers will assist with the investigation to help put away drunk drivers despite their hit-and-run tactics. We will hold them accountable as we uplift the cause of the victims.

Our law firm does not merely target the drunk driver. We feel a responsibility to prevent intoxicated driving, so we take it a step further. Our lawyers also handle dram shop liability cases. For those unfamiliar with dram shop liability, the seller of alcohol consumed prior to the accident can be held accountable, especially if the driver was already intoxicated at the time of sale. There are also serious consequences for serving alcohol to a minor.

Our Lakewood personal injury lawyers are aware that juries are often sympathetic to the cause of drunken driving accident victims. However, our lawyers will always do their utmost to achieve the best possible results for our clients. While fighting for justice on behalf of our clients, we do not forget that they must also secure their future, so we strive to obtain appropriate compensation for the victim, whether that comes from a jury verdict or a settlement