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Former Air Force QB BAC Level Triple Limit in Fatal Crash

Posted on October 16, 2017 in

When one of Colorado’s collegiate sports figures dies it’s usually big news, because Colorado is a play hard and huge spectator state. Well, true to form, the news of the passing of former Air Force Academy quarterback Dee Dowis put a somber mood on the news when the story broke that he died in a fatal, wrong-way crash in Georgia.

The real shocking part of the death was learning Dowis had a blood alcohol (BAC) content measuring nearly three times the legal limit, according to Gwinnett County medical examiner’s findings.

Former Air Force QB’s Accident Details and Allegations

Former Air Force QB BAC Level Triple Limit in Fatal Crash | Lakewood Auto Accident Attorney

The following auto accident details and allegations were gathered from local news and police documents.1

  • According to medical examiner Dr. Carol A. Terry, Dowis died from blunt-force trauma injuries occurring on the left side of his chest.
  • Emergency responders also said Dowis was not wearing a seat belt.
  • Dowis’ BAC level registered at .210 and .233 in separate blood samples taken and tested by the state crime laboratory.
  • The threshold limit for driving under the influence in George is a BAC of .08 percent.
  • No other drugs or barbiturates were found in his system.
  • Authorities say Dowis was driving the wrong way on Interstate 85 in a white 2014 BMW at 5 a.m. on Aug. 29, 2016d, when he drove into the median and tried to back up. While backing up he was struck on the driver’s side door by a silver Subaru.
  • The driver of the Subaru was taken to a hospital, but released with only minor injuries.
  • One news report stated that Dowis had told a friend shortly before his death that he feared he was “losing his mind due to the concussions he suffered while playing football.”

What Can the Survivors Hope to Recover?

Here are a few scenarios for financial recovery for both the Dowis family and the driver who was injured in the accident:

  • It’s doubtful the family could collect an insurance claim, since Dowis had a BAC that put him in neglegent position in the accident. Plus, police reports had him driving the wrong way. However, the surviving driver was likely eligible to file a claim against Dowis’ car insurance policy.
  • There are other avenues the family could pursue as well. For instance, if it had been known that Dowis was drinking at an establishment, Georgia has a law that any establishment serving clients alcohol must refuse to serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated. This is referred to as the “dram shot liability.” If it turns out Dowis had visited a bar, it’s worth investigating to see if the establishment cut him off or not.

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¹”Former Air Force Quarterback Dee Dowis Had Nearly Triple Legal Alcohol Limit At Time of Fatal Crash” published in The Gazette, Nov. 2016.