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Guarding against mechanical failure or auto safety issues

Posted on March 29, 2019 in

You may drive defensively and look out for distracted or reckless drivers, drivers under the influence and other common threats. You may expertly weave your way through poor road conditions or heavy traffic. However, while you may actively seek to protect yourself from other threats, mechanical failure or other internal auto safety issues can also cause serious car accidents.

Driver error contributes to many accidents across both Colorado and the country. Yet, the failure to maintain a vehicle or address mechanical issues are lesser-discussed common causes of both single- and multi-vehicle accidents. 

Commonly overlooked or neglected auto safety issues

Whether you consider yourself to be knowledgeable with common car issues, it is critical to address key safety issues to maximize both your safety and the safety of the drivers and vehicles around you. Such issues can include:

  • Brake failure or issues. Faulty brakes or gas pedals can be terrifying and lead to your inability to control your vehicle.
  • Deflated or worn-out tires. Especially in the spring when potholes and road issues are abundant, your tires can become worn down or worse, blown out.
  • Defective air bags. While defective air bags may not cause a crash, they could lead to more serious injuries in a crash.
  • Broken headlights or brake lights. Headlight issues can lead to your decreased visibility and the inability of drivers to see you or react to your sudden braking.

Other potential issues can include the failure to take swift action after a manufacturer-issued recall. While you may blame the manufacturer when a defective issue leads to an accident, you have a duty as the vehicle owner to act after being made aware of such an issue.

Taking proactive action can avoid an accident

Being aware of and acting on key safety issues can both prolong the life of your vehicle and keep you safe. Whether you are aware of an issue in your car or wish to guard against the potential of any safety issues, talk with your mechanic to check on and correct problem areas.