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How much will a DUI cost me?

Posted on May 9, 2019 in

Although people do not always realize it, there is a great financial expense associated with a driving under the influence offense (DUI). As a penalty for your first DUI conviction, you could be required to pay between $600 and $1,000 in fines in addition to receiving other penalties, such as community service and jail time.

However, you will not receive just one simple fine. Instead, there are numerous hidden fines, fees and surcharges that add up in the five years following your DUI offense.

What hidden costs will I be expected to pay?

There are a variety of hidden costs associated with a DUI. For example, you may be charged to have your car towed and stored. Getting a restricted license and eventually getting your license reinstated will also cost you money.

Some of the most expensive costs include about $1,000 for alcohol education or treatment, over $2,0000 for ignition interlock and an estimated $3,600 increase in auto insurance over five years. Probation can also be costly with a $900 Probation Supervision fee and a $200 alcohol evaluation.

Mandatory contributions to various funds will also add up to be an expensive component of your DUI. You will likely spend $5 toward the Rural Alcohol and Substance Abuse Fund, $50 toward the Victim Impact Panel Program, $163 toward the Victim Assistance Fund, $29 toward the Victim Compensation Fund, $90 toward the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund, $20 toward the Brain Injury Fund and a $300 Persistent Drunk Driving Surcharge.

Overall, your first DUI offense can cost you over $13,500 over five years, which can be difficult to afford, especially if you must miss work throughout the process. Because a DUI can be so financially expensive, it can be beneficial to make use of the most appropriate defense tactics for your situation so you can reach the best possible outcome in court.