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Injuries to Children

Keeping children safe is a concern that comes above all others for most parents, but daily life exposes kids to many dangers completely beyond our control. When a child becomes a serious injury victim, the investigation of what happened and every phase of the aftermath can take on an added level of importance.

Lakewood and Denver area Attorney James L. Finegan has handled many child injury claims over his distinguished 35-year career as a Colorado personal injury lawyer — including numerous car accident, pedestrian accident and dog bite cases. In addition to investigating accident circumstances and liability with extreme diligence, Mr. Finegan is committed to:

  • Attending closely to the full spectrum of a child’s medical, developmental and emotional needs when targeting a just financial settlement
  • Advocating assertively for compensation to cover cosmetic surgery to address physical scarring and/or counseling to help overcome emotional damages inflicted by the accident or attack
  • Accounting for the tremendous financial and emotional burdens on parents and other family members due to a child’s serious injuries

Full-Service Representation After Auto Accidents, Dog Attacks And Other Injury-Causing Events

Mr. Finegan recognizes upfront the many potentially complex aspects of a child injury case, from an escalated need to locate witnesses to demonstrating the full impact and costs of a profound, life-changing injury suffered early in life. His experience and capabilities extend to:

  • Children injured as passengers in car accidents — including those in which a child safety seat or its components fail
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents involving children, often leading to contested fault on the basis that a child “darted out” into traffic, crossed a roadway unsafely or otherwise caused the accident
  • Dog bite cases involving serious injury, the potential for severe scarring and significant emotional damages
  • Other child injury cases involving questions of proper supervision, premises liability and other critical issues

Do You Have An Injuries To Children Claim? Call For Experienced Legal Counsel.

Attorney James L. Finegan works on a personal level with parents and other family members to ease the stress and burden of serious accidents. If your child has been hurt in Colorado and you believe someone’s negligence or a defective product may be the reason, request a free consultation with Mr. Finegan today by calling(303) 980-5511.