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Joint, Ligament and Tendon Injuries

Many joint, ligament and tendon injuries have a severe impact on victims’ lives. Full or near full recovery is attainable in many cases, but tears and other damages to these tissues do change some accident victims’ lives forever.

Attorney James L. Finegan takes each client seriously and takes the time to hear him or her out and offer guidance built on over 30 years of personal injury law experience.

As an attorney handling joint, ligament and tendon injuries, Mr. Finegan has helped clients throughout Colorado get the compensation they deserved. If you are looking for a lawyer who is committed to helping those with serious and catastrophic injuries, call Mr. Finegan at(303) 980-5511. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Your Case Is A Priority

Attorney James L. Finegan wants to know, as soon as possible, how your accident and injuries occurred. He is committed to prompt attention and responsiveness and is prepared to move forward with:

  • Investigation of the car accident, another motor vehicle crash, fall on dangerous property, job accident or another event that caused your injuries
  • Discussion and review of your medical condition and treatment for joint, ligament, tendon or other injuries
  • Persistence seeking damages for you, taking full account of your age, occupation and other factors in addition to the severity of your injury as diagnosed

Let’s Discuss Your Options For Financial Recovery

Even though joint, ligament and tendon injuries can be challenging to diagnose and often cannot be seen on an X-ray, appropriate medical specialists can accurately assess and treat them. Many turn out to be much more serious than “sprains and strains.”

Attorney James L. Finegan handles moderate injury cases with the same energy and focus as catastrophic injury cases — and you pay no attorney fees if you do not collect compensation.

To work with a lawyer who has decades of insight into personal injury cases and in-depth insurance knowledge, speak with Mr. Finegan today or book an appointment at our Lakewood office.