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Spinal Injuries

Not every personal injury lawyer is prepared to handle the many complex issues that arise after an accident that causes paraplegia, quadriplegia or any severe, life-changing injury to a person’s spinal cord.

Lakewood and Denver area spinal cord injury attorney James L. Finegan has relevant experience and determination to fight for what is right. This can make the difference between devastating financial consequences and your ability to move forward in life.

Focused On Clients’ Immediate And Long-Term Needs

Whatever type of accident caused your own or a family member’s spinal cord injury, you can turn to Attorney James L. Finegan with confidence that he will treat you with care and consider all legal avenues for obtaining financial compensation.

He is aided by quality expert resources whenever called for and is committed to taking decisive action, including:

  • Completing a thorough investigation of the car accident, on-the-job industrial accident, recreational accident or another event that caused a spinal cord injury
  • Engaging intently with clients in the effort to help ensure they receive quality medical treatment
  • Analyzing and calculating the long-term costs of medical care, adaptive equipment and other necessities for paralysis victims to live the fullest life possible
  • Identifying all forms of insurance coverage and other sources of compensation that may be available to victims and their families

Personal Attention To Your Needs

James L. Finegan has been a trusted resource for accident victims for decades, building the knowledge essential for successfully pursuing car accident claims and liability lawsuits against both private corporations and government entities.

Whether you have received a spinal injury diagnosis or are coping with neck and back injuries that could worsen over time, please get in touch with an attorney as soon as you can. Attorney James L. Finegan can deal with every aspect of your potential legal claim, beginning with a free case evaluation and continuing through resolution of your case.

Home and hospital consultations are available to potential clients for whom travel is difficult or impossible. Mr. Finegan has helped thousands recover compensation for their severe injuries, and he wants to help you, too. He represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from his office in Lakewood. Call him today at(303) 980-5511.