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Impaired driving results in serious injuries in Colorado

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, drugged driving has become a significant safety concern in Colorado. As many Lakewood residents know, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in the state. Lawmakers have established a legal limit, and drivers who exceed it can be charged with intoxicated driving. Still, research suggests that the current law and limit may allow many impaired drivers to evade punishment.

Blinded Golfer Assumed Risk in Dismissed Case

Americans love to play sports. But each sport has certain risks of injury, and sometimes it raises legal questions as to which risks a player has assumed. For example, what risks does a golfer assume when stepping out on the course? Golf balls can become missile-like projectiles that cause serious personal injuries

CSA 2010: Increasing Safety Through Improved Trucking Regulations

Because commercial vehicle crashes are still far too common, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been actively seeking ways to be more proactive about safety monitoring. The result of the agency's efforts is an initiative called Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010.

CSA 2010 Update: Changes to the New Trucking Regulations

For years, federal regulators lacked a proactive approach to preventing truck accidents. This year, with the step-by-step introduction of CSA 2010, or Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010, that is finally changing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created CSA 2010 to improve safety regulations for the trucking and motor carrier industry. Prior to CSA 2010, only 2 percent of motor carriers in the U.S. received thorough, onsite compliance reviews.

Defective Vehicle Owners: Understand Your Legal Rights

In recent years, few Americans could have missed such automobile defectnews as the notorious Toyota runaway acceleration problem. However, consumers' options when they suspect defective auto parts or faulty systems in their own vehicles are less well understood. But a few basic strategies can help a car owner seek answers from manufacturers and report deficiencies that could have widespread safety implications.

Rule to Require Back-up Cameras in New Vehicles Would Save Lives

Accidents in which a driver backs up and runs over someone are devastating and far too common. Over 200 people a year are killed in this type of car accident and 17,000 people are injured. Nearly half of the victims who die in these accidents are children, most of them under the age of five.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

With an increasingly global food supply chain comes a greater need for regulation and control over the quality of food imported into, and produced in, the United States. Recent E. coli and salmonella outbreaks in household staples such as peanut butter, eggs and spinach have caused nationwide scares and highlighted how easily a tainted food product can cause personal injury.

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