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New Technology Aims to Prevent Rear-End Truck Accidents

Posted on August 25, 2016 in

Autonomous technology has ushered in some amazing innovations aimed at preventing crashes and injuries – as well as saving lives. While the makers of passenger vehicles have been at the cutting edge of developing and testing out this technology, commercial vehicle makers are also joining the effort.

In fact, ZF and WABCO (truck equipment suppliers) have reportedly teamed up to unleash a new rear-end collision avoidance technology dubbed the “Evasive Maneuver Assist” (EMA) system.

Much like autonomous vehicles (AVs), EMAs will have active braking technology to prevent rear-end truck crashes. However, what ZF and WABCO did to take their technology above and beyond was to add innovations that will reportedly also steer a tractor trailer around a stopped vehicle in the event the truck doesn’t stop in time using the active break system.

This feature has led some to deem EMA as being the next “critical step” in providing reliable, dependable and safe autonomous technology to the marketplace.

According to ZF CEO Stefan Sommer, the EMA technology should be ready to roll out within the next three to four years.

More about the Evasive Maneuver Assist Technology

New Technology Aims to Prevent Rear-End Truck Accidents

According to the latest reports and press releases, here are the details currently know about the EMA :

  • The EMA will use WABCO’s OnGuard active braking system, which has been used (in the U.S. market) for several years.
  • OnGuardActive relies on a powerful 77 GHz radar sensor to maintain system operation even during extreme weather conditions.
  • EMA then combines ZF’s electrohydraulic ReAX steer system to maneuver commercial trucks in order to avoid impending rear-end collisions.
  • The EMA analyzes radar and other data to detect stopping scenarios, such as slowing vehicles or stopped traffic.
  • If the truck detects an unavoidable rear-end collision or the driver fails to take action, the EMA will go into override mode and steer the truck around the obstacle to prevent a rear-end crash.
  • If a crash is unavoidable, and steering into another lane is impractical, then the EMA will hit the brakes as hard as possible to stop the moving truck as soon as possible to prevent to mitigate the impact and attempt to minimize any resulting damage

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