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Officials work to reduce traffic fatalities in Colorado

Posted on March 16, 2015 in

Every year, countless people are tragically killed in Colorado car accidents. These deaths can leave families destroyed emotionally and drowning in medical bills. Officials all over the United States are determined to make the roadways safer for travelers everywhere. They are attempting to do more than just reduce the number of car accident fatalities that occur. They want to eliminate road fatalities altogether.

Colorado is one of 35 states involved with the “Moving Towards Zero Deaths” campaign. In 2013, nearly 500 people passed away in Colorado in road accidents. While the ultimate goal is zero deaths, Colorado officials know that setting a short-term goal is also essential. They hope that by 2019, the number of fatalities will have dropped from 481 to 416.

Officials set this goal knowing that it would be a challenge to achieve it. State patrol has found that distracted driving is now the leading cause of fatal car crashes in the state. Impaired driving, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is the second leading cause.

With that in mind, the Colorado state patrol has assigned certain patrols to solely focus on catching distracted drivers, particularly those who are texting and driving. As for the impaired drivers, Colorado lawmakers are fighting to pass a bill that would make third or fourth DUI convictions a felony charge. These stricter penalties may deter people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. By cracking down on distracted and impaired drivers, Colorado will get closer to their goal of putting an end to reckless driving and preventing the loss of innocent lives on the roadways.