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Parking Garage Accidents/Premises Liability

Property owners have rights. They also have obligations and responsibilities, one of which is to provide for the safety of people on the property. If you have been injured because of unsafe conditions on either public or private property, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Premises liability claims are filed when your injury was the fault of a property owner and the incident could have easily been prevented if the owner was vigilant rather than negligent in the care of his or her property — this can extend to ownership of pets as well as real estate.

Protect Your Right To Recover

Attorney James L. Finegan provides clients in the Denver metropolitan area, including Jefferson County, and throughout Colorado with aggressive and effective representation in premises liability cases involving:

  • Dog bites/animal attacks:No matter where an animal attack happened, whether you were in the park, walking down the street or near someone’s home, dog bites and similar injuries are considered premises liability claims as the owner’s homeowners insurance is liable for the incident. These cases can be complex, so please get in touch to discuss your situation.
  • Swimming pool accidents:Attorney James L. Finegan handles many types of pool accidents. From homeowners associations and municipal swimming centers to motels, private residences and apartment complexes — he is not afraid to seek compensation for your injuries or injuries sustained by your child. He knows the legal requirements and responsibilities of owning a pool, so he knows when and how to get proper compensation for your family.
  • Landlord negligence: As a renter, you have certain rights as well as responsibilities. Laid out in your tenancy, and also in the laws of Colorado, are basic separations of landlord and tenant duties in relation to the property. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a derelict landlord, Mr. Finegan can help.
  • Inadequate security: Whether you or a loved one was injured at a nightclub, while living in an apartment complex or just out to watch a movie — if you were assaulted and the owners knew about the potential threat and did not try to take reasonable precautions, you may have a case.
  • Restaurant, retail and shopping accidents: Many types of injuries can happen in public places that are not common elsewhere. Mr. Finegan handles cases such as escalator/elevator accidents, injury due to overcrowding, falling merchandise, food poisoning, scalding and other injuries that could have been avoided.

Fighting For Your Rights

Call experienced personal injury attorney James L. Finegan to talk about your claim. he represents clients across metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from his office in Lakewood. Call(303) 980-5511 to schedule your free initial consultation with him today.