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Negligent Security

Have you been attacked or robbed in an office building, store or other premises in Colorado? The owners of apartment complexes and almost any business have some duty to keep you safe. Hotels and motels profit from your stay, and they must take certain steps to keep dangerous persons out.

Muggers, rapists and other criminals are aware of gates that don’t lock, of alternate entrances to buildings and of lapses in security. Parking lots can be vast, open spaces where criminals can hide. If you have been victimized due to poor lighting or security guards who are not watching out for you, you may have a legal claim for damages. Attorney James L. Finegan can help, having assisted clients in Lakewood and throughout the state.

Older Facilities

While newer parking ramps generally have much better lighting than in the past, older ones have been the scene of rapes and even murder. Older buildings also lack the security features of new buildings.

When someone has been attacked on a premise lacking appropriate security, Attorney James L. Finegan is here to listen and help. He has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury law. He will examine the history of crimes in the same building or area and learn what the owner should have done to prevent recurrence.

Crime statistics are easily available and the community has certain standards as to expectations of safety. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a strong case for compensation for what you have suffered. Wrongful death cases are the most serious. If you have lost a loved one and lack of security played a part, contact Mr. Finegan today.

Criminal Prosecution Is Not The Only Response

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer to represent you — someone who will fight for justice and your future — call(303) 980-5511 today to schedule your free initial consultation. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.