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Swimming Pool Accidents

A swimming pool is a real luxury — cooling on a hot day, a place to socialize. Whether a private pool or an amenity at a condominium, a pool requires constant maintenance. It also requires a variety of safety measures to avoid children and even adults from drowning. Owners and keepers of the property should be maintaining a safe environment, and if they have been negligent, you may have a strong premises liability case.

Who Is Responsible?

A homeowners association, for example, has a duty to install barriers or other means to keep toddlers from wandering in. Teenagers are tempted to swim at night, and entering the pool area secretly is exciting. Lighting should be adequate for them to be seen and ejected for their own safety. Swimming at night can be dangerous when there is no lifeguard, and dim lighting allows tripping or slipping.

Motels attract business by having a pool, but many show signs of neglect, with ladders and drains in disrepair. Many drowning victims have been unable to simply get out of a pool. Slippery surfaces are a constant around a pool. Striking one’s head on a diving board or the side of a pool leads to many drownings. Even when there are lifeguards, they are often too young and too inexperienced to save a drowning adult.

Getting Justice

Victims of accidents at swimming pools and their families deserve justice when the responsibilities of ensuring safety are disregarded. If you have lost a child or another family member, Attorney James L. Finegan understands what a tragedy you have suffered. As a lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience serving accident victims and their families, he is ready to assist you.

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