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Swerving vehicle causes death of seven motorcyclists

Posted on July 10, 2019 in

Seven motorcyclists were killed and three were severely injured in New Hampshire on June 21st. The accident was caused by a speeding pick-up truck that veered across the center line and into an oncoming group of motorcyclists.

The cause of the accident is under investigation. It has not been determined if drugs or alcohol were involved. It is unclear if the 23-year-old pick-up truck driver fled the scene after the accident. He did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Previous illegal activity

The truck driver was charged with drunk driving in Connecticut in May, less than two months prior to the crash. His license was not suspended following the DUI charge. On June third, the pick-up driver was involved in a rollover accident while hauling a truck with a trailer carrying five cars in Texas. Police said there were no signs of intoxication and no injuries reported.

The driver has been arrested for various illegal activities in six states. Drug possession and multiple traffic violations make up the bulk of the charges against the pick-up driver. He is now facing charges for seven counts of vehicular homicide—to which he pled not guilty.

The pick-up truck driver was hauling a trailer for a transportation company. There were seven complaints of the pick-up driving erratically shortly before the motorcycle crash. Both the pick-up driver and the transportation company he was working for may face charges.

One of the injured victims has filed a civil lawsuit against the truck driver. According to the suit, the victim has already incurred $33,125 in hospital expenses. The suit will also hold the pick-up driver accountable for $50,000 in anticipated lost wages and $350,000 in medical expenses.