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Top DUI Cop Focuses on Preventing Car Accidents

Posted on July 31, 2016 in

Sam Roth is to drunk drivers what Clint Eastwood was to bad guys in all his iconic Dirty Harry roles – an enforcer of the law! Funny too, because “enforcer” is even part of Roth’s official title: Larimer County Sheriff’s deputy and DUI enforcement officer.

“People always say, ‘Why don’t you go investigate something more serious?” Roth was quoted as saying in a recent interview in the Fort Collins Coloradoan. “Well, we have a lot more people who die by DUIs than homicides in the county, so I think that’s a really big focus we need to have as law enforcement.”

If You’re Going to Drink and Drive in Fort Collins, Think Again!

Top DUI Cop Focuses on Preventing Car Accidents

As Fort Collins’ top DUI enforcer, Roth as made more than 750 arrests, and more than 200 of those occurred last year. He’s so laser focused that even when he’s off the clock, if he notices an impaired motorist he’ll call dispatch to report it.

Roth’s job isn’t an easy one either. A lot of times, law enforcement can be viewed as a very thankless job, as evidenced by the recent string of police shootings across the nation. Roth puts in long hours mostly at nights and over the weekends. Then he has to rise early to attend a lot of the hearings his charged suspects have usually the next day.

But, some folks have taken notice of the hard work and dedication Roth has put into catching drunk drivers. In fact, Fran Lanzer, who is the state director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Colorado, recognized Roth’s service by honoring him with an award recently. His arrestees have also recognized the good work he does for the community. He gets letters from people he’s arrested all the time – thanking him. One such woman wrote: “I had driven drunk many times before this, and I really didn’t realize how selfish it was until I went to the victim impact panel at Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Once I went through that, I realized how selfish I was, and I wanted to thank you for basically saving my life.”

How Alcohol Impairs Driving Abilities

The following information on how alcohol affects your ability to drive was collected by a study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio:

  • Alcohol first affects your mental awareness and ability to make good judgments, so logic, reason and caution are tossed out the window.
  • It only takes .02% blood alcohol level to impair your mental faculties.
  • Alcohol also affects driver’s concentration and the ability to focus on one task and then another task with precision. It really impairs your ability to multi-task essentially.
  • Alcohol impairs your ability to comprehend real life situations, sings, and signals, which a driver needs to do to quickly to make safe driving decisions.
  • Alcohol impairs a driver’s motor coordination skills and fine motor skills that help you put your key in the ignition, not to mention gross motor skills that help you walk upright to your car.
  • Alcohol also impacts your visual acuity up to 32 percent.
  • Alcohol also degrades your reaction time slowing it down anywhere from 15-to-25 percent when impaired.

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