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Red Light Violations

A common moving violation, running a red light can result in a ticket, fines and points being added to a driving record. For those who may have less than a perfect driving record, a red-light traffic offense could put them over the point limit, potentially causing them to lose their driving privileges for extended periods of time.

Although you may want to just pay the fine and put a red-light ticket behind you when you get one, you should know that:

  • There may be various ways to defend you against these tickets and, in doing so, minimize their potential impacts and penalties.
  • Attorney James L. Finegan is ready to represent you and has a record of success when it comes to favorably resolving red light tickets.

Possible Penalties For Red Light Violations In Colorado

The extent of the penalties for running a red light in Colorado will depend on a few different factors, one of the most significant of which will be whether the ticket was issued by:

  • A traffic officer who may have witnessed the alleged violation — For these types of red light tickets, the penalties will usually be a $100 fine and four points being added to a motorist’s driving record.
  • A red-light camera — While no points will be added to motorists’ driving records as a result of these tickets, the fine will usually be about $75.

Colorado Red Light Tickets: More Important Information

  • Defense options As noted above, there can be a number of defense arguments against red light tickets. For instance, it may be possible to argue that a driver didn’t see a traffic light (because it was obscured by foliage), that a yellow light was too short or even that another motorist was driving at the time of alleged violation (in the case of red light camera tickets).
  • Ignoring red light tickets This is a bad idea because it will usually just complicate the situation and lead to, at the very least, more fines. Red light tickets won’t go away because you ignore them and want them to disappear. You need to deal with them, and you will have the best chances of resolving them as favorably as possible with attorney James L. Finegan representing you.

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