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Woman Charged in Fatal Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

Posted on July 10, 2016 in

Hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist and then leaving the scene of the accident is perhaps one of the worst realities that can happen to a person who is not paying attention to their environment. Just one momentary lapse in time can mean the difference between being a law abiding citizen and the next moment a fugitive who is most likely going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter charges and spend significant amounts of time in jail, owe the courts and the deceased family lots of money, as well as effect that individuals mental state for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, that’s the fate that has fallen on 24-year-old Callie Kuhasz, who has been charged with a hit-and-run that killed a Boulder bicyclist.

Bicycle Hit-and-Run Accident Details and Allegations

Woman Charged in Fatal Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

The following details were made public by local media reports and police documents:

  • Kuhasz was charged by prosecutors with vehicular homicide after striking a bicyclist with her SUV and driving away from the scene of the accident on the evening of Saturday, June 25.
  • She was being held on $200,000 bail.
  • The victim was identified as 35-year-old William Davis.
  • A witness came forward to report they had seen damage to her vehicle and notified police.
  • When officers contacted Kuhasz they noted a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and found a 30-pack of beer in her SUV. Only five unopened cans remained in the container.
  • Officers reported that Kuhasz refused to take a roadside sobriety test.

What Recourse Do I Have If I’m a Hit-and-Run Victim?

Regardless of how a criminal case for a hit-and-run driver turns out, victims of these crashes can still have options for justice in civil court, where they can seek financial recoveries for crash-related injuries and losses. Here’s a list of suggested steps to take when seeking compensation for damages, when your case involves a hit-and-run accident:

  • Keep a detailed journal with dates and details of all the things that happened, including the suspect’s car (make, model and license plate), any hospitalization or treatment you recieve, days missed from work, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc.
  • If police haven’t investigated or filled out a report, be sure you go to the local police department and file one yourself. Without a police report, there can be no civil case brought against a defendant.
  • Seek medical treatment immediately, even if you don’t feel any pain. Sometimes injuries take a while to show up and manifest, especially soft-tissue injuries.
  • Lastly, it’s important to find a knowledgeable, experienced, personal injury attorney that can take your case from beginning to end.

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