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Inexperienced Drivers

Colorado drivers know when they take to the roads that they may encounter all types of dangers ranging from challenging road conditions to the recklessness of others. Some of the most statistically significant risks involve the mistakes and behaviors of inexperienced drivers — most commonly teens who may take more chances and overestimate their own reflexes and driving abilities. While there certainly are no laws against inexperienced driving itself, demonstrating that specific traffic violations or driving mistakes factored into your accident can be very important for your financial recovery.

More than 30 years of personal injury case experience informs James L. Finegan’s insight and tenacity when the cause of your crash requires investigation. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.

Proving An Inexperienced Driver’s Negligence

Some driving mistakes and behaviors may be more common for young drivers, and Attorney James L. Finegan is committed to pursuing all angles on your case. His experience and capabilities extend to:

Texting is against the law in Colorado now for any driver, and drivers under 18 break the law if they use a cellphone at all while driving. Young drivers are also governed by specific restrictions and penalties when it comes to alcohol use.

Hold Young Drivers Responsible

Attorney James L. Finegan is a proven resource for people harmed by drivers’ negligence, whether their injuries were suffered as a passenger, teen driver or victim of inexperienced driving. To discuss your legal options with a lawyer determined to get to the bottom of what caused your crash and take the best available action on your behalf, call(303) 980-5511 or email Mr. Finegan today to schedule a consultation.